Friday, August 2, 2013

I was listening to the radio in my Jeep on the way to the day old bread store and had the radio blasting.  Well, it was at blasting volume when I got in the Jeep and since Lady Antebellum's song, I Need You Now, was on I left it there.  While rolling down our lane I started to remember how this song came on the radio when Emily, my sister, and I were cleaning out the barn garage just after Stephen, my 18 son, died.  This time I didn't cry.  I just enjoyed thinking about him.

Earlier in the day I tried to start the weed eater only to fail.......repeatedly.  Some times in the past 3 years that alone would reduce me to tears as Stephen would not be here to start it for me.  Instead, Stephen's friend, Hunter, was over doing some work around the place and he came over and started it for me. I was glad he was there.  It's nice to have Stephen's friends over working around here.  It's almost as good as having Stephen here.  Almost.

I have been so blessed that Stephen's friends will come over every now and then, even if it's to work.  However, every now and then I expect Stephen to come around the barn or pull up in the "Dirty Max".

When I hear a diesel truck coming down our lane I usually stop what I an doing and look up. Even after three and a half years I wait to see if it's him.  

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