Friday, August 2, 2013

A few years ago while vacationing in Jacksonville, Florida, David and I had a debate about wether or not The Donut Shoppe had the best doughnuts.  I assured him that they did.  He was not as eager to agree.  
We decided to try doughnuts where ever we went to compare.  That fall David and I went to Nashville, TN for a close-to-home get away.  We started on our doughnut comparisons.  We went to two local doughnut shops.  I looked for them on a search engine and it came up with two and reviews of said doughnut shops.  Neither reviews were very hopeful.  Then we were off to eat a large variety of doughnuts similar to those at The Donut Shoppe.  Most of the doughnuts we did not finish as we were eating in the name of science.  Actually, at one shop is was easy not to finish as those doughnuts were pretty tasteless and left an oily taste in our mouths.  Our finding were that those doughnuts were not even close to tasting as good as The Donut Shoppe.

We also went to Indianapolis to compare doughnuts.  We hit one in Greenwood and one in Southport.  The one in Greenwood did not hold a candle to The Donut Shoppe.  The bakery in Southport, Long's Bakery, gave The Donut Shoppe a run for it's money.  As close second.  

So far my first bold statement that "The Donut Shoppe has the best doughnuts" still stands.  If you think you have some amazing doughnuts in your town, please share with the class.  I am always looking for a reason to go on a road trip!

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