Monday, April 29, 2013

Years ago, when blogging was gaining popularity, I had no interest in reading anyone's blog.  It seemed to me that who ever was blogging was quite presumptuous to think I would want to read what they wrote.  My sister then challenged my thinking and started writing her own blog.  UGH!!!! I am going to have to eat my words!   When Emily began blogging, I only read her blog for a number of years.

            Here's Emily and I in Dubrovnik, Croatia 2013

 Her blog, in case you are interested, is  After my son, Stephen, died, Emily began blogging about her journey through her grief.  It was balm for my broken heart.  Emily gave my grief words when I had none.  Mind you, it was not in every blog but it was sprinkled over the three years. She was my voice.  I am ever grateful for her words.  I am not the writer in my family (of the Swift's), Emily is.  After I write this, I'll have my writer-husband, David Dodrill, edit my work as I am sure to leave out needed comas and words.  Emily has a degree from Florida State University in English.  My husband has a Masters in American History from the University of Florida with a published master thesis from Alabama Press.  David's book is called Selling The Dream, a book about the Gulf American Corporation and the land boom in Cape Coral, Florida and the company that changed the way selling land was done.

Over the last year Emily has had more on her plate and has had a hard time finding the time to blog.  This is where I come in.  She has shown me that blogging can be done only once a week.  What a relief!  I'm not sure I have much more to say than once a week anyway!  Frankly, my blog is more of a diary that is public.  Not sure why I need it out there for everyone, except that maybe it will get me writing and putting some thought into it.  No need to write in and tell me about my typo's or syntax as I am not good at grammar and tend to leave words out.  

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